Hi! My name is Noah Tesfaye and I am a high school student in Silicon Valley. I post the weekly blog post here, but also share some of the video work I do in the portfolio page, along with some of my favorite articles I’ve written that have been published. I want this place to be a pure form of expressing who I am and if you enjoy the content you see here, follow me on Twitter and don’t hesitate to email if interested in working with me. Thanks!


Noah Tesfaye is a Silicon Valley high school senior student and rising freshman at the University of Chicago. He is a first generation Ethiopian-Eritrean American citizen and journalist who focuses on writing about politics, race relations, and culture. He also writes a weekly blog reflecting upon news and topics that are relevant to his life experiences. One day, Noah wishes to become a Constitutional Law lawyer or a Constitutional Theorist/Political Theorist and hopefully argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.


Presidents, Networking, and Roland Martin — My First NABJ Convention

There’s something to be said about being in a room, in a convention, heck in any space where you truly belong. I don’t mean you have friends there, or that you have your bosses on your side. That’s great of course. What I’m speaking about is something much deeper. This past week, I experienced something …

The Second Democratic Primary Debates — The Progressives Take Charge

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, twenty candidates took part in the second round of Democratic Primary Debates, hosted in Detroit. And as per usual, I recorded and watched through every minute of both nights, looking to see how the candidates performed in what, for many of them, will be their last moment on the debate …


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