This is a TED Talk I gave at my school’s TEDx conference on March 26th, 2019 on restoring youth civic engagement.

And here are the reflections I had on the talk a little over one year later, where my perspectives on the topic have now shifted.

Here are also the links to some of my favorite articles I’ve written or co-written!

South Side Weekly (Contributing Writer, current position)

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Chicago Maroon (Columnist, current position)

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The University is Incapable of Prioritizing Its Students

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NABJ Student Multimedia Project 2020 (Print Team)

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Finding My Abolitionist Voice as a Journalist

Treasurer’s Race Sparks Debate on Treatment of LGBTQ+ Members

UChicago Institute of Politics The Gate Political Journal (Contributing Writer)

Abolish the Primary Debates

Los Altos High School Talon Newspaper (Web Managing Editor)

Yearbook Quotes Investigation

Councilwoman Neysa Fligor Feature

Nipsey Hussle was my Eritrean-American hero

School Segregation (Helped co-write main story as well as have a personal column in the spread)

Michael Smith Feature

Student Protest Rights

Habeshas: It’s Our Time

Elections Editorial (wrote but on the behalf of our editorial board)

Los Altos Town Crier Newspaper (Editorial Intern)

Racial Profiling in the Bay Area

2018 Los Altos local elections reflection

Off to College

Thinking about why we volunteer

Humanities support for high school students