Hi! My name is Noah Tesfaye and I am a high school student in Silicon Valley. I post the weekly blog post here, but also share some of the video work I do in the portfolio page, along with some of my favorite articles I’ve written that have been published. I want this place to be a pure form of expressing who I am and if you enjoy the content you see here, follow me on Twitter and don’t hesitate to email if interested in working with me. Thanks!


Noah Tesfaye is a Silicon Valley high school senior student and rising freshman at the University of Chicago. He is a first generation Ethiopian-Eritrean American citizen and journalist who focuses on writing about politics, race relations, and culture. He also writes a weekly blog reflecting upon news and topics that are relevant to his life experiences. One day, Noah wishes to become a Constitutional Law lawyer or a Constitutional Theorist/Political Theorist and hopefully argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.


Growing Up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe — “Avengers: Endgame”

*This blog post contains spoilers (although don’t know why I’m warning you when you should’ve seen it by now) In 2008, as a measly elementary school student, my mom thought it would be a fantastic idea to take my younger brother and I to watch a new Marvel movie. Fast forward two hours of blood, …

Blexit Confuses Me

I tried. I really, really tried to take and understand a new perspective. But this is just ludicrous. What am I talking about this week? My hours wasted attempting to put justification behind the movement that is known as Blexit, led by Candace Owens. For those who may not know Owens, she is a digital …


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