100 Weeks Later…

In the 100 weeks of writing this blog, just shy of two years posting without a missed week, this is is what I’ve learned:

If you thought I would have come to a massive, single life-altering conclusion about writing for this long of a time, well I didn’t. I didn’t come to a complete higher intellectual plane, nor did I gain some sort of higher notoriety (albeit I’m still surprised some new peers I just met this week in school said they read, which I appreciate!).

What I’ve learned the most about is myself.

This blog has been the continual development and growth of understanding who Noah Tesfaye is. This means from understanding the way I think on a deeper level, working towards establishing a sense of discipline with my life, and most of all, growing my writing skills. This long, two-year gradual process hasn’t culminated into one big conclusion as much as it’s evolved the way I view life itself.

“Being Noah Tesfaye” has been the title of this blog from the beginning for one simple reason: this is where I tell my own life story, unobstructed and unfiltered, open for anyone to interpret and take advice from. I went for this because I know that no one can tell my story ever as detailed or as specific as myself. There is just something about taking the chance to just be myself, and for every single Saturday the past 100 weeks, I’ve done just that.

In the past year, the last six months, this hub, this blog has grown into more than just a way for me to write about my thoughts. Not only has this place turned into a platform where my friends and I can begin to have real-world dialogue, but it has afforded me a position where I can truly begin to build my voice amongst my community. Being a college student as of this upcoming Tuesday, I am grateful that my peers are ready and invested in understanding my ideas. To be in a community now where these kinds of conversations just happen in the quad whenever we are free is just a testament to the environment I’ve wanted to be a part of for all of my life.

I have more eyes on the blog now, which is nice and motivating, but that doesn’t mean anything will change. For the foreseeable future, I’ll continue writing here, talking about politics (impeachment post will come soon), music, and my college experience. I know this is my last free weekend after a four-month summer, but I can assure you that this blog, this platform, won’t be going anywhere soon.

Thank you so much for reading to #100, for the past two years, or reading anyone in between. I truly am grateful for and appreciate the kind words you all have said in person or online.

Here’s to another 100 more.

Being Noah Tesfaye #100: 100 Weeks Later…

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